Director Taylor Vasquez

Director Vasquez has been dispatching a total of 12 years, including 2 years dispatching fire and medical aid, until becoming TCOLE licensed at the Rosenberg Police Department. Director Vasquez has been a training officer since 2014 and has overseen the field training program since 2018. In 2018, Director Vasquez was promoted to a Telecommunication Supervisor. Director Vasquez is a TCOLE certified Instructor, CPR instructor license and holds an Associate Trainer license.  

Director Vasquez emphasizes the development of training within the Emergency Communications Division, in conjunction with TCIC/TLETS, to help operators better understand their role and requirements for entering and querying the state/national databases. Director Vasquez has trained approximately 20 employees during her career at the Rosenberg Police Department and she also serves as her agency’s primary TAC.  

Director Vasquez holds a Master TCOLE Telecommunicators License. In 2020, Director Vasquez was awarded the City of Rosenberg Employee of the Year award. In 2022, she was also recognized as the Supervisor of the Year by Texas APCO.

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Taylor Vasquez


Phone: 832-595-3709