The City of Rosenberg strives to hire the best applicants to serve the citizens of Rosenberg. To do this, we offer competitive salaries to attract the most elite applicants. In addition to the salary, the city is committed to the employees success by offering additional monthly incentives to employees who enhance their knowledge and skills which benefit their position within the City of Rosenberg. 


  1. Police Officer
  2. Dispatcher
  3. Civilian Jailer


Pay PeriodMinimum Pay

Salary figures above reflect base pay only. Overtime pay, monthly incentive pay and holiday pay is not included. 

Officer Incentive Pay (Monthly)

  • Active Field Training Officer - $150
  • Breath Alcohol Testing Operator - $100
  • Drug Recognition Expert - $100
  • Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Certification
    • Advanced Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Certification - $100
    • Master Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Certification - $150

To see the requirements for each Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Certification certificate, view the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement website for more details.

Additional Incentive Pay (Monthly)

College Degree Incentive Pay

  • Associate’s Degree - $75.00
  • Bachelor’s Degree - $125.00
  • Master’s Degree - $200.00
  • Doctoral Degree - $300.00

Bi-lingual Incentive Pay

  • $50.00

What We Offer

  • Can earn up to 3 days off and $150 depending results of the annual physical fitness test.
  • Constant Officer Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Training of Approximately 200 plus hours annually.
  • Health, Dental Insurance & Employee Assistance Program.
  • Proactive style of policing.
  • 4 Day Work Week (10 Hour Shifts). Three days off, including one day of the weekend.
    • Sunday - Wednesday or Wednesday - Saturday (All department personnel work on Wednesdays which is a designated training day for police personnel on alternating weeks).
  • Take Home Vehicle Program if you live within the ETJ (Eligible for this program after completing probationary period of one year of employment).
  • Texas Municipal Retirement System 7% With 2 to 1 Match.
  • Time Off
    • 14 official paid holidays a year, including 2 personal holidays
    • 80 hours of Vacation a year / Sick Leave Accruals
  • Uniforms / Equipment Provided With Annual Allowance of $600.
    • Firearm, handcuffs, ammunition and footwear are not provided

Longevity Pay

Employees will also receive an annual payment of $7.50 per month of employment. Longevity payments are disseminated in December of each year.

Tuition Reimbursement

The City of Rosenberg encourages employees to continue their education. To assist employees, the city offers tuition reimbursement to those who continue their education in studies related to the position held at the city.

The City of Rosenberg will reimburse 90% of tuition cost with a maximum of $2,000 per fiscal year. The maximum amount allowed for each degree is as follows:

  • Associate’s Degree $4,000
  • Bachelor’s Degree $8,000
  • Master’s Degree $12,000

2020 to 2021 Benefits

The City of Rosenberg offers medical, dental, and vision premiums on a pre-tax basis. The payroll deduction for these benefits reduces your taxable income, creating a tax savings and increased take home pay for you. The City of Rosenberg also offers you a variety of voluntary benefits.

View 2020 to 2021 City of Rosenberg Benefits (PDF) for more information regarding insurance, savings plans, holidays and leave.