Virtual Court Hearings

Due to COVID-19, some hearings will be held through virtual court proceedings. If you have not been contacted by the Court staff with information on your upcoming court date, please contact us at 832-595-3450 to update your information.

Before Your Hearing

Once you have made contact with the Court regarding your virtual hearing, you will receive an email invitation to register for a Zoom meeting. You must register for the Zoom meeting before the day of your hearing. Once registered, the information needed to join the Zoom meeting (virtual hearing) will be sent to your email.

All required documents, such as driver's licenses, identification cards, or insurance cards, must be submitted no later than noon the day before your hearing.

Virtual Hearing Procedure

Virtual hearings are to be treated the same as an in-person appearance by using courtroom etiquette and proper courtroom attire. If at any time, rules are not followed, you will be moved back into the waiting room and maybe reset for a later date.

No recording of the virtual hearing allowed.

Downloading & Joining Zoom

On the day of your scheduled virtual hearing, you must join the virtual hearing via Zoom no later than the time stated in your invitation using the meeting link and password sent to you via email. You may join the Zoom meeting (virtual hearing) from a smartphone, tablet, or computer with its webcam, speakers, and microphone enabled.

Please download the Zoom application/program before the scheduled virtual hearing date and time to avoid any delays. If you have any difficulties, please contact the Court for assistance in downloading, installing, or joining Zoom prior to the virtual hearing. Once the virtual hearing has started, assistance will be limited.

When joining the virtual hearing, please use your full legal name as your screen name. Once you have successfully joined the virtual hearing, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room.

During the Hearing

When the hearing starts, you will be brought into the virtual courtroom. You will be muted on entry and will remain muted until you are called upon, at which time the Court moderator will try to unmute you.

To enable your audio, you will need to tap on your screen and click on the headset icon, and click on “Join with audio,” “Call over the internet,” “Call using internet audio," or "Wi-Fi or cellular data." If needed, please grant the Zoom application/program access to your microphone and speakers.
The Zoom application/program might automatically prompt you to turn on your audio. If it does, please select “Join with audio,” “Call over the internet,” “Call using internet audio," or "Wi-Fi or cellular data.”

When asked by the Court staff to unmute, you will need to tap on your screen and click on the microphone icon.
If you have not started your video, you will need to start your video by tapping on your screen and clicking on the camera icon.

You might be given instructions to join a breakout room, or you might be moved to a breakout room automatically. The breakout room will be your private waiting room, and you will be the only one in that room. You will need to stay in that room and wait patiently until given further instructions.

Please be attentive at all times. Failure to do so may cause you to miss important instructions and possibly be removed from the virtual courtroom. Do not leave the meeting unless you are instructed to do so by the Court staff.


If you have any questions regarding virtual hearings, please contact the Court at 832-595-3450.