Fines & Costs

You may plead "No Contest" and waive a jury trial by paying the full amount of the fines and costs as shown on the Citation or on the following list. In the event of a conflict between the Citation and the following list, use the amount from the following list. Please contact the Rosenberg Municipal Court at 832-595-3450 with any questions. Court payments may be made online.
The list is divided into three sections below.

Rosenberg Municipal Court Fine/Bond List Effective January 1, 2020:

  2. Penal OffenSes
  3. City code violations
Fines and Costs
Child Not Secured by Seat Belt$259
Child Under Age 8 Unless 4 Feet 9 Inches Tall
Defective Equipment (Lights, Brakes, Etc.)$192
Disregard Railroad Crossings$225
Disregard (Ran) Red Light or Stop Sign$210
Drivers License (No Drivers License or Expired Drivers License)$212
Drive While License Invalid$212
Drivers License Restrictions$142
Fail to Control Speed$217
Fail to Display Drivers License$116
Fail to Give Information / Render Aid$334
Fail to Maintain Single Marked Lane$192
Fail to Report Change of Address or Name$113
Fail to Stop for School Bus$660
Fail to Yield Right-of-Way$192
Fail to Yield Right-of-Way to Emergency Vehicle$292
Following Too Closely$192
Exceeding or Unsafe Speed$192
Expired License Plates (Registration)$141
Illegal Parking$142
Illegally Parked in Handicapped Space$519
Illegal Parking (Fire Zone)$106
Leaving Scene of Accident$334
No Headlights When Required$192
No Liability Insurance / Failure To Maintain Financial Responsibility (FMFR)$344
No Motorcycle Headgear$138
Operate Motor Vehicle Without Plates
Permit Unlicensed Person to Drive$138
Seat Belt Violations (Driver/Passenger)$170
Speeding (1 to 10 Miles Over Maximum Limit), Plus $5 per Mile in Excess of the First 10 Miles$167
Unsafe or Improper Backing$192
All Other Subtitle C, Rules of the Road Violations$192
All Subtitle C, Rules of the Road Violations in a School Crossing ZoneAdd $25
All Other Violations Not Listed, Post Bond

Dismissal of Charge upon Compliance

If you were cited for "Expired Registration" (license plates) or "Expired Drivers License," you may be eligible to obtain a dismissal by presenting proof of registration renewal (and payment of state penalty) or drivers license renewal within 20 working days following the date of the citation, and the payment of a $20 fee by your appearance date.

Extensions, Installment Agreements & Time Payment Fee

If you cannot pay the fine and court costs immediately upon entry of judgment, you may have an extension of time of up to 30 days within which to pay. A single extension not exceeding 30 days can be obtained from the clerks at the window. Extensions of more than 30 days, subsequent extensions, or installment payment arrangements must be made with the Judge during regular court sessions. In any event, if you do not pay the fine and costs in full within the 30 days immediately following the entry of judgment, a statutory time payment fee of $15 for each charge extended will be added to the amount that you owe.

Collection Fees & Other Aids in Enforcement

In addition to the amount that you owe, for any balance due that is over 60 days past due, the Court may add a collection fee of 30% to the amount that you owe to offset the costs of collection. Additionally, the Court may report your failure to appear or to pay the balance due to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Until you pay the balance due in full, including any applicable fees, you will not be able to renew your driver's license.