City Secretary

In April of 2022, the City Secretary's office was awarded the Municipal Clerk's Office Achievement of Excellence Award by the Texas Municipal Clerk's Association, Inc.  Such prestigious award was designed to recognize excellence in the effective and efficient management of resources in a municipal clerk's office and for compliance with federal, state and local statutes that govern standards necessary to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the office.  The Achievement of Excellence Award covers a period of two years (2022-2024).

City Secretary Danyel Swint is a Texas Registered Municipal Clerk (TRMC).

Major functions in the City Secretary's office are preserving the records and documents of the City Council, as well as:

  • Acting as Records Management Officer for all City records
  • Assisting the City Council in performing its duties and responsibilities
  • Coordinating codification of City ordinances and annual updates
  • Recording deeds, easements, ordinances, budgets, and liens
  • Overseeing City Secretary, Mayor and City Council budgets
  • Fulfilling Public Information Requests
  • Holding Elections
  • Meeting all of the legal requirements for posting agendas
  • Preparation of proclamations and certificates
  • Publishing legal notices

Contact our office to arrange any ceremonial or official functions involving the Mayor and/or members of the Council.