Rosenberg Animal Control & Shelter

Rosenberg Animal Control and Shelter (PNG)

Animal Control and Shelter, Rosenberg, TXIt wasn't long ago that our facility was known as the "Animal Control" department, but Rosenberg Animal Control and Shelter (RACS) is so much more than that!

No-Kill Facility

We are an open-intake No-Kill facility for lost and surrendered animals from within the city limits of Rosenberg. Our aim is to place all adoptable animals into responsible and loving homes where they will be a good match and live a fulfilled life with their human companions.

In 2018, we committed to becoming a No Kill Community. In January 2020, RACS achieved an important and historic No Kill milestone after its Live Release Rate averaged at 94% over 12 consecutive months. RACS continues to do everything it can, medically and behaviorally, to save more lives.

Shelter Needs

We will rely on you to support our small shelter and to make our goals a reality for the pets that are sheltered with us each year. On average, 1,300 animals are housed at RACS annually. As the City continues to grow at a rapid pace, so will the needs of our animals. We will continue to search for loving homes for our pets in need and are grateful for your support and encouragement as we strive to meet and exceed our goals.